Black Women's Fashion

“Today, that I have my daughter, I see representativeness in another way. Turning  and feeling like there are people like us there is priceless. I experienced a childhood when it didn’t exist. Occupying all spaces is necessary for our people to know that, whatever happens, no one will stop us from doing anything.”Jennifer Araújo“I can say that today I am proud to be black, but it was very difficult to accept that. Today, I have a very high acceptance. I am proud to be black, and to be able to gain space. And that makes me very happy. I am very proud of myself, my color, my race.”Letícia Lopes“I, a black woman, am empowered, because I feel capable of fulfilling my dreams. I’m not afraid to take chances and bet on my intuition. Balé do Faustão is the greatest achievement of my life, and I am very happy to see how much we, black women, are gaining space.”Nathália Zannin“For those who come from a very humble cradle and carry within themselves a passion for dance, the question of empowerment has always been present in my challenges. A black woman, who dreams of being the protagonist of her own history, needs a lot of willpower to overcome the barriers of prejudice. We have to build, together, a world where these differences cease to exist. “Paula Santos“Since I was little, my father always taught me to value our color and, above all, our daily struggle. Being at the Balé do Faustão, and being able to enter the homes of millions of people every Sunday, is to show that we won. We are art and beauty. The black women here carry the responsibility of representing the dreams of many others, and of leaving the doors open for those to come.” - หมวดหมู่ แฟชั่น